It's more than a content delivery system.

Learning management made easy

Features of gtraininG LMS+


gtraininG LMS+ combines a powerful training management system for both HR (L&D) and employees, with personalized dashboards and analytics.


Assigning training to staff according to the business strategy has never been easier, with a simple manager approval workflow.


The system covers all steps and practices of professional development: training needs, courses, trainers, skills, enrolments, schedule, workload, location, resources, expenses, occurrences and certification.

Enterprise friendly

Easy to use, therefore it takes a few time to learn how to use it and it’s easy to remember it. Build courses by re-using content resources or activities, management, planning and delivery them in a few steps.. SCORM Compliant.

SAas & On Premise

SAaS-Software as a Service that is available through the cloud, the client doesn’t have to purchase it neither waste time to installing it. On Premise, we implemented the gtraininG LMS + solution on your own IT infrastructure based on a software license.


Multi-tenant and single sign-on(SSO) and a corporate training portal, which makes all training management easy. Allows to exchange information with other platforms, such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Workday, ODOO, making thereby the enterprise’s processes more efficient, between different departments.

Training management

Because we want to bring up value for your company, gtraininG LMS+ gives answers to the essential questions for an effective design and management.
Achieve short-term ROI.


Main features

Marshall McLuhan:
“Any technology gradually creates an human environment totally new.”

Transfer knowledge with our LMS+

Choose your package based on the active users of your company / institution.

475€p/ Month
billed yearly or
€550 / billed monthly
200 active users / month
Unlimited courses
Unlimited email support
€3.00 per additional active user
655€p/ Month
billed yearly or
€790 / billed monthly
450 active users / month
Unlimited courses
Portal Academy
Unlimited email support
Live chat support
€2.00 per additional active user
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More than 500 active users / month
and all the features in our Enterprise plan
Custom modules
Personalized Support and Training
Private academy corporate portal
Goal Tracking
Workflow training request

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All In ONE

gtraininG LMS+ From identification, competency planning, in-person pedagogical content design and e-learning, to post-training management, delivery and analysis


The Support Center with specialized team is ready to help you back to business.


Our partner for Business Transformation

With extensive experience in training management over many years, this partnership will benefit your company, choosing CEGOC to manage training will add value by bringing together gtraininG LMS+ technology and human knowledge of CEGOC

In partnership with Delft Digital Learning, take your training portfolio to the next level by offering tailor-made eLearning courses, fully integrated with gtrainingG LMS+

We will design, develop and implement any type of course, online and blended, according to your needs: Micro-learning, Single courses and Full training programmes.